Sewing again & New Journey New Life Started

My creativity has come back to life again which means, for me, that I am on track with making 

necessary life changes/choices, I am back to making the best of this lifetime possible. I have been

talking to God again on daily basis, sometimes minute to minute. Therefore I have been so rewarded!

When my creativity is awakened I feel so excited & alive! I think of all these exciting things I can create.

I feel peace coming back again & I just love it! I am back to sewing which is one of my biggest passions.

I have a tendency to always trying to rescue those I love & I have been practicing “tough love” & letting those

I love be on their own path & not interfering with “their journey”. I believe we all have our own lessons to

learn in life & I just want to learn what I need to learn in this life & let others do the same for themselves.

It is not my job to play god, only to live my life the best I can & learn to take care of myself. I can live by example & take that as serious as possible & that is the best love I can give others.

On another note I do wish I could find a spiritual group in my area or online so I can connect with like minded souls.